Monday comes but once a week

What the heck does that title mean?

Anyway, it's time to count the ways that God shows His great and merciful love for us.
Yesterday Clayton asked me about a line in a hymn called "The Love of Christ is Rich and Free".
"Mom," he asked, "what does it mean, 'He'll love His own to endless day'?"
I explained that when the new heaven and the new earth come, we will have Jesus for our light and will no longer need the sun and moon.  We'll have endless day.
"It doesn't mean He'll love us til then and then stop.  It means He'll love us THROUGH until that time.  He'll go on loving us til we get to the endless day, and then He'll be our Light forever."

I'm so grateful for that promise.  That hymn always makes me weep for the comfort of the promise.

#1142 - 1154

* ice skating and more ice skating!  they can't get enough!
* sleep in my bed
* an email cry for prayer to community group and their immediate response
* children loving each actually happens.  sometimes
* just praying, "Jesus help."
* dear encouraging friends
* new books
* making ice cream with ice from outside!
* ramen noodles
* Chuck Norris jokes - know any good ones?
* delighting in new babies
* soup and saltines for sick ones
* "He loves through every changing scene, nor aught from Him can Zion wean; not all the wanderings of her heart can make His love for her depart"
*  this video:

Give thanks with me this week.  Maybe start your own list?  Just for today?  


  1. okay here's mine, "Chuck norris can count to infinity...twice"
    Love. It.

    Love the list, love the title. YAY! MONDAY!

  2. That girl has moves. Peter watched it with me... I think he's in love.

  3. Just praying, "Jesus, help!" Yes, I know that prayer. And children loving each other? One of my favorite verses when my kids were young--"How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!"


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