We have one particular child who is very dramatic.  He's always been like that.  Even when he was a very small child, everything was either SO EXCITING or TERRIBLE!  
Case in point:
Here he is being coaxed to eat his vegetables the other night.  You might have thought was being forced to eat pig slop or worse, the way he carried on.
If only he wasn't so dang funny.
see how very amused I am


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    My favorite think about these photos is that you are bundled up in a cozy looking sweater and he is wearing a t-shirt. Elizabeth rolls like that all the time, too.

  2. This was hilarious! Your son's a cutie. My youngest is the drama queen, and I have ABSOLUTELY no idea where she gets that from, sheesh...the rest have artistic temperament. We're fun to live with ;)

  3. I love these photos. The last one - I must say - looks a lot like John to me! Not the expression so much, but just the features and face of this little boy. :)

  4. "The grief of you!!"


  5. Luz! I forgot about that one!
    Yes, the grief of you is right!
    Jodi, this guys keeps us laughing...and tearing our hair out. Extremes, like I said. I've always said that living with him is kind of like living with a cartoon character.
    Biz, I see what you mean about John's features!


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