1.10.11 Thanks

It's Monday night and time to link up my list of thanks for all the ways God the Father showers love to us.
We made it through the first week back to school after vacation.  I'm grateful for the love and prayers of so many friends, as I've truly felt buoyed up and hopeful instead of hopeless.

#1112 - #1126

*  Monday nights, church community group and loving each other (is that 3 things?)
*  walking through friends' adoption journey
*  friend with long-awaited little baby in her belly!
*  Sunday naps
*  snuggling with my little girl for naps
*  encouraging phone calls with friends
*  ice
*  red berries against snow
*  ice melt
*  walking along with Lucy, watching her skipping and eating snow along the way
*  Saturday night with friends of the heart
*  hoping in prayer for great things! 
*  simple dinners
*  laughing with my husband as he irritates me on purpose!
*  how Jesus KNOWS us, our infirmities and weaknesses and LOVES us


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