Feliz Navidad 2010

In lieu of paper Christmas cards this year, my creative husband has made this video.  I love it.
To all of you lovely friends who sent cards:  thank you ever so much!  I LOVE receiving them, displaying them, and keeping them.  Please don't stop.  I hope that next year we will be on top of our game, and send greetings in a card as well.
Until then, please enjoy this endeavor!

PS  I apologize for the small size of the video.  Not sure how to enlarge it; it might help if you pop it out to full screen!


  1. LOVE it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

  2. very cool! I loved seeing your Christmas pictures too! Stay warm... ;)

  3. Love this video, Kit! Love your family...keep blogging!!!


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