Why, hello there!
Yes, I know, it's been two weeks since I posted.

And it's December 19th and I'm just now adding a December header to the blog.

Let's just go on without skipping a beat, shall we?

Awesome.  Wicked awesome.

My sweet and hard-working husband had a birthday.

I made him this cake.  It was amazing!!  If you like gingerbread, I highly highly recommend this recipe.  It was dark and spicy and wonderful.  I may have to make it again during the holidays.

This past week we attended THREE school Christmas programs.  I have terrible pictures of two, and kind of cute pictures of one.
It was so interesting to see the Christmas presentations of three different Christian schools.  Wildly disparate, but all enjoyable and glorifying to God.

Here was the first:

This is the 4th, 5th and 6th grade choir in their blue robes.  Walter remarked that they should have been singing "Blue Christmas."
Here is a terrible picture of tons of church friends who are also connected to school and who Lucy considers her family, as evidenced by the way she was lounging all over them during the concert.
Next was Walter's LONNNGGGGG concert.  The camera battery ran out JUST as his middle school chorus came on stage.  Awesome.
But see how handsome he looked?!  Can you believe how old he is?!  The first picture shows his true feelings about having to sing in the concert, and the second picture shows what he looked like when I said, "Walter, now please show me the OPPOSITE of how you really feel right now."

Last but most certainly not least was Lucy's Christmas ASSEMBLY (that is its proper name and what you MUST call it; please don't deviate).
She and her kindergarten cohorts played the sheep.  Oh, they were just perfect!  See?

See the adorable and quiet sleeping sheep?

So now four of us are out of school for Christmas!  Poor Walter must persevere for two more days.  He'll make it.
Up next, a week of baking, wrapping, decorating, shopping, and pondering the wonder of Emmanuel -- God WITH us.


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