Blizzard 2010

Yesterday was a fun day of being snowed in.  We built a fire in the morning and lazed around with intermittent Nerf gun wars, games of Candyland, and eating lots of leftovers (cinnamon rolls!!  I get fatter just looking at them).
We also spent a number of hours shoveling out.  Walter is in charge of shoveling for our elderly neighbors across the street, and he went above and beyond what they've asked him to do.  
I must admit I experienced a few moments of shoveling despair when I was trying to get all of our many stairs cleared.  It seemed so impossible.  But I made it through so that now the mailman can make it to our house without serious injury.  I also admit pangs of jealousy when I saw a landscape service pull up to a neighbor's house with a phalanx of snow blowers.
The strong winds made created some amazing drifts around our house.  Beautiful.
Enjoy the third day of Christmas!



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