Where o where is my baby?

On Tuesday our little girl turned five.
I don't know why but five seems so old to me.
I feel sad to see the baby days go.  But I also feel profoundly grateful that God made Lucy a very snuggly girl, who still loves her blankie and loves to be held.  Such a gift to her mama!
With her birthday in Thanksgiving week, Lucy will be doomed to family-only parties, unless I can get it together enough to give her a party a few weeks before the actual day. At least this year, we had so much family in town that it really felt like a party.

Lucy's requested dinner was "breakfast for dinner" and that meant bacon and waffles.  
Imagine eating a nice meal of bacon and waffles.  Now imagine someone slicing you a nice piece of birthday cake. 
Sound unappetizing?  You're right.
I think maybe two of us ate an obligatory sliver of cake.  The birthday girl herself didn't even have any!


  1. Dear adorable Lucy, I was a Thanksgiving day baby myself. I so understand. Kit, your girl is gorgeous. There's a little Golden Book called "Where Did the Baby Go?" Both my girls loved it. I think our 23-year-old took it with her to New Zealand when she moved. I hope you can find it - it's a sweet little story.

  2. Jodi, I'm going to have to look for that book! Would make a good Christmas present.


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