NYC 11.10

Our trip to "the City" was wonderful.  Traveling with others always provides a special bond.  
The two main attractions for us were the Tenement Museum (on the Lower East Side) and Ellis Island. 

We stopped by this car on the street and all the kids started snapping pictures.  In fact, others began to stop to see WHO was standing next to the car.  Someone famous?!?  Nope, just our headmaster.

We did a bit of walking down Spring Street and the kids were eager to get some shopping in.  I think their spending money was burning holes in their pockets!

 No pictures are allowed in the Tenement Museum (boo!), though images are available on their website  

An anonymous benefactor helped us all go to see "The Lion King" on Broadway.  It was such fun to come up from the subway and see the kids' jaws drop as they stepped into Times Square in all of its gaudy glory.

"The Lion King" absolutely blew me away.  I've heard for years that it is a "must see", and to be sure to see it in New York.  The brilliance of the costumes, the set, the swelling music and puppetry of the opening scene moved me to tears.  I MUST bring my family some day!

More to come from our afternoon on Ellis Island and other reflections!


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