I received the loveliest gift in the mail this week from my friend, Jodi.  

It's our very own nut garland!  Jodi made it with her own two hands (and were involved).

It's so fallish and cute, with a bell hung right in the middle.
Best of all, receiving it really felt like a hug from the Lord.  Lately, I'm really feeling like I'm part of a true community.  I can feel the Lord's grace in that and I'm so thankful.

Grace and peace to all of you this weekend.


  1. Wow you took way better pictures than I did! I like it even better on your blog lol. I'm glad you felt hugged by the Lord, 'cause that's what it's all about.

  2. Jodi is one of the best imaginary friends I have here in blog world. Wait...if she sent you actual stuff, does that mean she really exists? Oh, I hope so!

  3. Nancy, don't tell anyone but I think she might actually be real. Or maybe an elf. ;)
    Jodi, yep, felt like a hug alright! And I love the yarn, too. Did you make that?!

  4. awww, Jodi has been busy sending little gifts! I love your nut garland! I want to make one! :)


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