Monday Mourning

The Monday after a vacation is always the most painful.  I certainly felt the despair as I dragged myself from the warm recesses of my nest this morning.  It just seemed so dark and cold and lonely and did I say dark?

  Continuing the list of ways in which the Father blesses, as we move into the waiting season of Advent.

#1062  cold clear nights
#1063  cold clear mornings
#1064  lots of leftovers!
#1065  my brother playing left hand and me playing right hand - Christmas carols from the hymnal
#1066  all those piano lessons
#1067  boys in the yard with a football
#1068  football weather!
#1069  lots of blankets all over the house from lots of people sleeping here!
#1070  cozying up with visiting dogs
#1071  oldest son looking so handsome for church (and without a fight; that was the best part)
#1072  slippers and jammies
#1073  praying to remind myself that I'm not an orphan and that God is THERE


  1. We call that "re-entry" around my house. Sometimes it's bumpy. Hooray for joy realized from all those piano lessons!

  2. i'm mourning too. more like sulking. :)

  3. Nancy, yes, we call it re-entry as well. It is especially hard during the school year!
    Tab, I can understand your mourning...sounds like a great time together!

  4. Love the pictures - I'd hate to leave that cozy nest on a cold morning, too.


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