Mid-November Thanks

Here's our little group that went to the big city last week.  I can't wait to tell you more about the trip.

As we waited to get on the ferry to Ellis Island (and waited and waited...and waited), a colleague mentioned that she was feeling quite frustrated with our delay, as it significantly cut into our instructional time on the island.  It was a definite low point.

"Well, let's say everything we're thankful for," I suggested.  So we stood in the line with our students and listed the things for which we were thankful.  It worked.  We felt much better.

Continuing to give thanks to the Father for His blessings which flow to all:

#1031  two sunshiney and warm days in New York
#1032  running into a friend from church on an out-of-the-way sidewalk in the city!
#1033  uneventful travel
#1034  seeing kids faces as we stepped into Times Square from the subway
#1035  prayer with middle schoolers
#1036  loving on those kids!
#1037  our Lady of Liberty; she is so gorgeous!

#1038  overcoming fears
#1039  New York City
#1040  coming home
#1041  parties at our house
#1042  birthdays and presents and lots of friends
#1043  my mother-in-law's decorating gifts and my father-in-law's errand running gifts
#1044  singing
#1045  hands and feet and legs and arms that work
#1046  hope in darkness

holy experience


  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

    Love you, Kit.

  2. They, your friends, look like an awesome bunch to hang out with!

  3. neat! sounds like a great trip! :)

  4. Jodi, yep, they're pretty cool and fun!


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