I know it's Advent now, but...

I haven't posted about Thanksgiving yet!
We had such a wonderful day of cooking and cleaning and baking with family!
This year we had ALL of John's family and also my brother and his girlfriend, Robin.  Our dear friends from church and their CUTE chunk of a baby also joined us.
It was a great day of thanks and celebration and being together.

The grown-ups' table

The kids' table

Cool banner I got on Etsy!

My brother, Clayton, is a very gratifying person to feed.  He eats a lot and loves it all!

FOUR pies!!  I made apple, pumpkin and NUTMEG MAPLE CREAM PIE (the very emperor of all pies).  Clayton and Robin brought a pear/cranberry pie.

That's baby Jack and his cute mom.  Jack's even cuter when he's not blurry.

I think I might be cuter when I'm not blurry, too.  ANYWAYS...here's our family with Clayton and Robin. 

Here is the whole clan on John's side!


  1. I want to live in your cozy home. :)
    SEE you Tuesday. Yes!!!!

  2. i like Lucy and her pink socks :) She would fit in WELL over here and makes me SMILE big! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Love the smile on Lucy's face---everyone looks great.
    Mom Judy


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