Free Day at the Museum

Wednesday was Community Day at the Museum of Fine Arts.  The MFA has just opened a new wing, called Arts of the Americas.  We decided to go check it out on a cold, blustery day.  
Even better was that we had Uncle Derek, Tia Luz and the grandparents with us.
While overall the visit was wonderful, we did have SEVERAL trying moments with complaining kids, hungry kids, fighting kids which resulted in grumpy and contentious parents.  My my my, there's plenty of sin to go all around, isn't there?
So glad for a God of grace. 
Sculpture by Cyrus E. Dallin.  I love his work; there are several of his pieces in our town.


  1. I love museums. Would love to go with you sometime. I promise not to be grumpy :)

  2. Left a comment on Lucy's birthday post. Your house is cool, BTW.

  3. Lucy usually remind me of John, but she's totally you lookin' all cute in that scarf and coat in the photo above!

  4. Jodi, let's do it! I wouldn't be grumpy either...I hope.
    Thanks for the comment about our house. We're really grateful for it (rental).


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