Weekend Haikus

(with apologies to the strict form of haiku)

The floors are so cold
Before the heat gets turned on
Why be so stingy?


Riding the warm bus
The driver is scaring me
Good friend to talk to


Tall boy with two friends
He was wearing blue sneakers
Toting three pizzas


Canopies of gold
The sky makes me want to nap
Wearing my slippers


The week's second day
Thoughts of lunches and homework
Thankful for Lord's Day

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Getting my list ready to join with Ann tomorrow.


  1. This list made me smile out loud. Why did the bus driver scare you?

  2. Jodi,
    The bus drivers scare me all the time! They speed, they cut people off, they make me fear for my life!
    This one in particular was driving SO CLOSE to the car next to us...


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