They got hitched!

On Sunday, I attended one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever seen.  A dear friend from church and her fiance (you need to pronounce that "figh-ance" like in "Raising Arizona") got hitched on a picturesque Vermont hillside, with a view of a ski mountain and colorful fall foliage.
I'll post more later of the wedding party, the dress (oh!  the dress!) and the folks, but wanted you to have a little taste of the beauty.  


  1. what a beautiful wedding! I love autumn weddings, and in Vermont? Oh my! :)

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  3. That CAKE!!!! can't wait to see more photos. Just lovely indeed. Oh and what was in the jar of favors????

  4. Jodi, mulling spices! Yummy.
    Will post more soon!


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