Some funny sayings

Happy Sunday!  Hope that you all have had a great weekend.  This weekend was definitely better than last weekend, though certainly busy enough.  Unfortunately, I'm ending the day with a headache that just makes me want to close my eyes...

Saturday was a gorgeous, perfect fall day - a perfect day to spend watching soccer.

At the final game of the afternoon, Lucy got into quite a theological frame of mind.  
At one point, she did a kind of interpretive dance which involved her standing still and silent with her hands on her head, and then suddenly running in wide circles with arms outspread. 
After doing this twice, she asked me, "Mom, do you know the MEANING of that?"
I didn't.
"It means the POWER is coming with HOPE.  And the LOVE is for us."

Just a while later, while John and I sat and the boys had an acorn war, she began to talk and talk and talk about the Lord and what she knows about Him.  Here is a little snippet.  She was very serious and used a lot of hand gestures.

"We have to BOW down to Him because He is our King.  He doesn't need things that we need.  He doesn't need to sleep.  He doesn't need to eat breakfast.  He doesn't need to do the things we have to do.  He is in heaven, and in our hearts and He's everywhere."

John surreptitiously filmed her with his iphone, but I'm having trouble uploading the video.  Can't wait to show it to you once I overcome my technical difficulties.

And while we're on the subject of kid sayings, Theo and I were talking about when he was a baby and about being born in general.  As he walked out of the kitchen, he muttered under his breath, "So that's really weird...I've been INSIDE a human..."
Weird, indeed.


  1. I happen to agree with Theo that it's totally weird that a human baby grows inside another human. Like something from an Alien movie. And yes, we're going to need to see that video of Lucy.

  2. Jenny, seriously! It's totally weird! The video is up. Yay!


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