Wow, my first post from an iPhone!
We are going to New Hampshire for a couple of nights with our church. We are ready for some fun and some great fall colors. I've already thought of two things I forgot. Boo. Oh well that's what Target is for.
So we're crawling up the highway and listening to John's top 400 on his iPod. Yes, I said top 400. Right now we are on Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It".
Last night Lucy told me, "Mom, be sure to take the camera to New Hampshire because I bet there are going to be some PRETTY days there!"
Have a wicked awesome weekend!


  1. oh my! You lucky girl, an iphone AND a trip?
    AND an excuse to go to target?

  2. Have fun! I think we're going to a fall fair in Sandwich, New Hampshire tomorrow, we're hoping that the colors are amazing!

  3. Joann, if only it were MY iphone! I am not to be trusted with such a device...I'd be sure to lose it or break it. But going to Target WAS awesome. I happened to remember about 20 others things I had mysteriously "forgotten".
    Kerrie! You were right near us! In fact, we went on a hike yesterday and from the top we could look down on the adorable hamlet of Sandwich and its fair. Wasn't it an amazing weekend?


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