Lucy's Theological Musings

Here is it, Lucy's thoughts recorded on Saturday.
My favorite parts are the ones about how good God's eyes are and how we "don't do a few things that He says".  Yeah, just a few.  And how He hugs us but we can't feel it.
It's kind of long and she gets, um....what?  Oh, a bit distracted a few times.  And John pulled out the iphone when she was already a few minutes into her treatise.  Hope we didn't miss too much!

Lucy's Theological Musings from Kit Standridge on Vimeo.


  1. Kit, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Lucy's theological musings. She has an amazing amount of life figured out. Preach it, little sister! Amen.

  2. my, oh, my! So adorable and so theological. Is her dad a pastor? ;)

  3. I. love. her.

    So great to hear your voice in the background. : )

  4. I'm glad you guys enjoyed this!
    I also just noticed Theo in the background having an acorn fight. :)

  5. haha, This was awesome. You know I always love the Lucy quotes, but seeing her in person is so much better! She is such a cutie! (and a smart one, too!)


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