Kat and Todd: 10.10.10

As you know, last Sunday was 10.10.10!  It was also Kat and Todd's beautiful wedding in Vermont.  
Here are some things I loved about it:

...driving through New Hampshire and Vermont to get there!  Thanks for making us do that, Kat!
...my company (and chauffeurs) for the drive, Christian and Emily.  They are so dear.
...the lovely old barn and its environs
...the lovely Jenny Harris (soon-to-be Caldwell!)
...the little stream and the little bridge
...huge red zinnias everywhere!  Red, red, red!
...the lone bagpiper
...is this a new style in men's shirts? (see picture below)
...red and turquoise and orange and yellow.  COLOR!
...Kat's dress.  Can you see that skirt?  Her mom MADE that dress.  Wow.  It was so stunning and so Kat.
...lovely sisters and niece
...Kat's sweet dad, a pastor, exhorting all of us to jump into the river that is Christ and drink it in.  Go Dad!
...Kat and Todd raising the roof.  They're married!
...good friends
...cute girl in a poofy pink dress.  She was working on that drink and straw for a good 30 minutes.
...sun setting behind the hills
...birdy motif in the decorations

Love and happiness to you, Kat and Todd! 


  1. This wedding reminded me so much of my own daughter's wedding in New Zealand. They had a woodland themed celebration. The turquoise dresses with red sweaters - GORGEOUS! And the bride's dress - heavenly. What a lovely day.

  2. Oh, how beautiful! All of it! And that dress! Kit, thanks for sharing.

  3. beautiful wedding! i love that cake stand -- genius. and those bridesmaid dresses are fantastic -- you actually could wear those again!


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