The Hollow Weenie is coming

We listened to a children's radio program on XM a few years ago in which a skunk, called Loofa, was scared of the Hollow Weenie.
Ever since then, I just CANNOT call this "holiday" by its real name.  I must call it The Hollow Weenie.
And just WHAT is the point of this "holiday" anyway?  I find it quite weird.
Maybe I'm just a party-pooper of a mom, but I don't feel like shelling out for all the STUFF that goes into this one (lame) day:  costumes (even if you make them, they cost money!), pumpkins for everyone, candy, decorations.  I just don't have the brain strength for this one!
Anyway, participate we shall.  And WE'LL LIKE IT!!
Here's the line up:
1 kitty cat
1 Native American 
1 James Bond
1 yet-to-be-determined
PS  If we're going as a family to a Halloween open house, do the grown-ups need to dress up?  If so, uh oh.
What do you think?

oops, already posted that pic!  oh well, pumpkins are always appropriate blog fodder


  1. I too think all of the halloween hype is D-U-M-B. You should see how much some people decorate their houses here or how may blow-up things are on front lawns. Colin is amused by how incensed I get about it! :)

    (To clarify, I'm not so much judging the people who do such things, as the culture that perpetuates having tons of useless stuff that we buy without really thinking about it.)

  2. Open the door. Share the candylove. And wear a great big Jesus Loves You smile. :D

  3. Ha! Jodi, you are awesome.


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