Where am I?

This poor blog has been sorely neglected since school started! I do miss it, and am trying to figure out a way to keep it up with out driving myself into the ground.
My extra teaching load, as well as having the children in three different school, has forced me to be much more organized than I would naturally be. It's certainly a work in progress. I've been praying that the Lord would increase my capacity for things (I need more bandwidth) and that He would help me to prioritize in a way that is pleasing to Him.

On another note, I'm the VERY happy recipient of a hand-me-down MacBook from my mother-in-love (hi Judy! I love you!). It totally rocks to be able to bring it to school and enter my grades RIGHT IN CLASS (oooooo, technology!) and keep track of homework. Another added perk is that she left a whole bunch of fun photos on the computer.

In lieu of any real CONTENT today, please enjoy the following. I've had the best time looking at them in the last few weeks.

Here is our little family when John graduated from seminary. You can't see my HUMONGOUS belly, but Theo was in there. HUGE.
Same time frame because I am wearing a maternity shirt (which were not so flattering back in the early 2000s). This is me with John's mom and Memaw! Aren't they so cute?
John and Theo somewhere...maybe in New Mexico? Theo had the roundest baby head ever.
Here's Theo again. In New Mexico again, wearing his grandparents' cowboy boots.
Lastly, here is my piece de resistance. I made this traditional storyteller doll out of micaceous clay a few summers ago. Sad ending: it exploded while being fired. Her head popped off, just like in the beloved childhood saying: Mama had a baby and her head popped off.


  1. Oh, I feel for you in so many ways! #1 After 20+ years of home-schooling my kids, I'm glad we're down to just one at home now. The other three are married. #2 I totally agree; why were maternity clothes so ugly when we were carrying babies? (P.S. Mine were worse--it was the 80's) #3 So sorry about your potery. Been there, done that. The piece was quite pretty.

  2. PS-- you are one of (those sicko) REALLY CUTE pregnant women. yeah--i'd have to EMAIL you one of me prego, b/c i tell you.... i will NEVER make it to a blog. and the world is so very sorry.
    think pre-eclampsia (each time) and MUCH FLUID!

  3. I think the picture of you with Judy and Memaw is really great! that's awesome memaw and grandad were able to go up there. I like your doll, did you keep the pieces? you can always just glue them back together. I love the pictures of your family! you are such great people with beautiful kids!


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