A very big day

Look at that girl. That picture was just yesterday morning, when she and I were sharing a leisurely breakfast on our little sun porch. She had woken up early, thinking maybe it was her first day of school.

She was one day early in her anticipation. Today was Lucy's first day of school in the 4-year-old kindergarten class at my school. She's been so excited this week, counting down the number of sleeps until she could go to school. Her backpack and lunchbox were ready. The dress was chosen (first day of school is a dress-up day, not a dress code day) and laid out. She even willingly went to bed much earlier than usual so that she could be ready for school.
This morning she arose cheerfully and easily and off we went!

I'm so glad that she and I are in the same building and that it's a place she knows and loves, and where she is known and loved.
She told me this afternoon, "Today in chapel, they were trying to be very important and THEY WERE!" She completely got it, all the pomp and circumstance of the Opening Ceremony.
Even this evening, fighting the drooping of the eyelids, she murmured, "We have to go to bed early because we have school tomorrow. I can't wait to go to school all the days."

Oh, my baby. Don't grow up. I want to still have our leisurely Cheerio breakfasts on the porch and snuggles in our favorite chair.


  1. Oh, Kit, that is a very big day indeed! So sweet!

  2. Ahhh...tell Lucy that Robin's mama said that she looked very beautiful in her dress up clothes on her first day of school !

  3. I remember my dad walking me to school on my first day of kindergarten. It was a truly wonderful day. Lucy and you both look beautiful! Love, Maura

  4. Thanks for the reminder to cherish those years when they are still so little! ~Rachel

  5. Ladies, thanks so much for your comments!
    Deb, I will pass on your message! Lucy is a VERY big fan of Robin, as I'm sure you know.
    Maura, you made me remember my first day of kindergarten, riding the big yellow bus. I'm glad your dad got to walk you.
    Rachel, yes, CHERISH these days! I know it's hard when they're little and you feel that you never get anything done. But soon they'll grow and you won't have snuggly days when you don't get out of your pajamas. Those days are a blessing (as are these days...they are just so different...don't wish it away).
    Stepping off soapbox now...

  6. awwww... that's hard, but I'm so glad you are at the same school. She will be a delight to her teacher, I can tell! She looked adorable in her "first day of school" dress!

  7. I love that first photo, Kit! And what a sweet time. I appreciated your comments about trying not to feel frustrated when they're little and you can't get anything done, because there are really great things about that stage too. Enjoy this new stage you're in!

  8. I keep telling my son not to grow up and he heartlessly says, "can't".
    What an adorable young lady. I love her dress. I mean, she's just adorable!

  9. I loved the pictures and blog of you & Lucy & her first day of school. It reminded me of her daddy's first day of school.
    Love you all,

  10. I have to agree with everyone else, she looked so pretty for her first day of school. love the dress. I'm happy you got a picture of her on her first day and one with you in it too! you both are so pretty! she'll really love that photo when she has kids of her own going to school. I'm gratful for this hard sticky times with kids at home. I know I'll miss them so much when they start to go to school.


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