Middle school?!???!

Okay, so there are a lot of milestones going on in this house lately.
Do you see that little boy up there? Look at those blue eyes. Look at that fuzzy little head. Oh my.
Today Walter started middle school. As in, 7th grade at a new school.
He had to bring in a baby picture of himself for some kind of beginning of school activity, so last night he and flipped through a bunch of photos.
It was so refreshing to remember back to what a jolly and happy baby Walter was. He just was a delight to us and many others. Some of this was no doubt a result of the pure wonder of being the first-born. Everything he did was AMAZING. But a lot of it was his personality, his sense of humor (he's always been pretty funny) and his interest in other people.
As you may (or may not) know from your own life, people who are going into middle school are not ALWAYS very jolly. In fact, sometimes the jolliness factor is in SHORT SUPPLY (if you know what I mean). I don't believe I need to say anymore about that.
So last night Walter and I and John got to look back on the life of a wonderful little boy who is growing into a young man. He is still a joy to us (and others) and we are SO THANKFUL to be his mom and dad.
Love you, son!

PS Please enjoy this array of photos depicting the many baby faces of Walter.


  1. I remember that baby face! Can't believe middle school already! Blessings Walter!

  2. Jane!!! We found the picture of his baptism and the cake that you sweet college kids got for him. You guys love him so so well.
    In fact, when we were praying for Walter last night (he was very nervous about today), John prayed that he would remember his baptism and the fact that he is most certainly the Lord's! Amen.

  3. no way.
    he's just so adorable. Don't they stay babies? I thought they did. Rats.

  4. aw, he was so cute, well he's still cute but you know what I mean. I'm so grateful for cameras arnt you?


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