Guess who?

Guess who this cutie is? Found these on my inherited laptop. We have that very vest in our closet from days long ago.
Can you tell what state this guy is from?!


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  2. Okay, when I looked at the first picture I totally thought it was one of the younger two boys, and then when I looked at the second picture I was totally confused as to what airline had such ugly, retro seats . . . and then I realized it's a picture of John. That's my "DUH!" moment of the day.

  3. Oh, and the reason I deleted my first post is because it had a silly typo that didn't matter, but I wanted to correct it. Didn't know I'd leave an electronic paper trail!

  4. that's john isn’t' it? I never saw him that young but I'm guessing that cause of his surroundings. How is it he got to go on the plan when no one else was there? Well that’s probably Judy taking the picture, but still, the plans empty and he got to go to coc-pit? That’s very cool!

  5. wow, he looks JUST like your boys (or I guess it's the other way around, huh?) :) Cute!


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