One thing

My husband pointed out to me that his picture is curiously absent from my new blog header. Let's see, there's my brother. There's me...there are the children. But no husband.

"But there aren't that many pictures of you!" I protest.

"Mmhmmm," he replies. Stonily.

Not really on the stonily part. That just makes it sound more dramatic. He's a good sport, he is.

My bad, my bad, my BAD!!

Here is my cute, sweet and funny and long-suffering husband:

Oh, wait. Just kidding. Here he is:

No, no, no, this is a family-friendly site!! Dang. HERE he is:

Okay, okay, not funny. He's not that mad. And he doesn't have rocket boots. This is it. See, he's really cute. And nice. And I love him.


  1. you cracked me up too... :) haha

  2. LOL!!! Very funny!!!! And I can see the resemblence in those other pictures too... :-)

  3. thanks for the comments, friends!
    I'm still cracking myself up.
    I love that I have that ability.

  4. ok. this is sad-- but you know me, so you know how it is intended! i had not scrolled all the way down yet... so the first Greek looking photo you showed (grand view of backside)... my first thought was "nice buns." HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. John should be very flattered of your picture choice! (and i like the rocket shoes, too :)

    Point #2-- clean the man up good for church, set him down, make him smile, and snap the camera.

    They just protest WAY TOO MUCH!
    (i know.)
    and just wait till those cute boys of yours are all teen-agers. Goodbye camera.... or else, perfect your picture taking to such an extreme art, that you function at lightning speed....kind of like those rocket shoes???


  5. Love it! Kit, you are so funny. Hello to your wonderful husband. : )

  6. Tab, I know, those are some sweet buns, aren't they?! Hee hee!
    Jen, thanks. Hello to your husband from us!

  7. So very funny - I too love the buns on that man. ha ha ha!!!

  8. love it, kit, very funny! but can't help notice that not one of those pics still hasn't made it to your header...poor john with awesome buns and rocket shoes, still can't make the cut....who's the funny looking guy in the last two pics? ;)

  9. All those pics can't do justice to my handsome son, but I did love them. Especially the rocket shoes.
    Mom Judy ( the gal with many names: Mom Judy Manka, Grandma) I love them all.

  10. LOL! That is too funny!
    What did JOHN say when he saw that you posted this? He probably pointed out that a couple of the pictures didn’t do him justice. ;) and WHY is everyone mentioning the BUNS!? I saw a little more than just BUNS here! And I’m his cousin! So not right!
    I can send you by email some pictures I got of John at the family reunion. We missed you by the way. I know it’s WAY to costly to fly the whole family, but all the same, I wish I could see you again, and the boys and lucy.


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