My heart is filled thankfulness... Him who walks beside; who floods my weaknesses with strength and causes fear to fly; whose every promise is enough for every step I take, sustaining me with arms of love and crowning me with grace.
- Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend (I really like THIS version of this song)

Summer is winding down (WAHHHHHHHH! no, no, NO...stomp, stomp, pout, pout, wrestle, punch, grrrr...sniff).
I have three days of teacher meetings this week and a TON of stuff to do for school.
That is to say nothing of the remaining two birthdays of Summer Birthday Season which are this week and my determination to have at least ONE more summerish day, maybe a beach day if the rain will let up (not complaining at all; the rain is welcome and needed; even if it weren't, I shouldn't complain, now, should I?!?)
I'm going to continue my list, as there are so many many ways the Father shows me His love, if only I will look and notice and acknowledge Him.

(child additions to the list here; bet you can guess which ones)
0864 candy
0865 cider doughnuts (how can it be cider doughnut season already?!? NOOOOOOO!)
0866 New York
0867 going to Border Cafe with Papa
0868 the world
0869 forks
0870 Wilson Farm and all the yummy food
0871 clothes
0872 making Theo giggle
0873 wrestling
0874 how Lucy smells when she wakes up
0875 anticipation of seeing my boys at camp!!
0876 cool late-August morning
0877 T Downs and her servant heart
0878 freshly-painted classroom (thanks to T)!
0879 working HARD on that classroom
0880 making something that once looked yucky into something that is beautiful
0881 eager colleagues
0882 colleague's new granddaughter with a beautiful name
0883 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I have to hug my children
0884 going to bed with my husband
0885 praying for dear friends across the wide ocean - joining with many others
0886 new arrangement of an old song (go HERE to hear a bit)
0887 this blog post
0888 these feet and the boy to whom they are attached

holy experience


  1. I am grateful for you, Kit!
    I love you much and thank you for the blogs.

  2. love your list kit!
    I'v never heard that song befor. do you think you could post a link to where I could hear it sometime? the lyrics are very lovely.


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