An awesome evening

Not much to report today.
We did stuff at home, I had a visit to my chiropractor (nothing wrong, just regularly scheduled maintenance), we stopped by my school and did a bit of classroom cleaning and prep.
Stopped at the farm stand, came home, ate lunch, did some laundry chores and then we took ourselves to the pool.
After some swimming we met up with John here.

I had to take the man to see Toy Story 3 so we could cry together.
Do you know something AWESOME about this theater? MANY of their shows are only $5 per person. Did you hear that? Only 5 dollars. Not doll hairs. Dollars.
The second awesome thing about this theater is that you can get a beer. On tap. Or a glass of wine. And drink it WHILE you watch a movie. How cool is that? You can even drink a beer while you watch Toy Story 3 with two of your kids and your husband.
Theo asked a million and one random questions on the drive home, Lucy fell asleep in the car, we put her in bed, we made dinner which included CAULIFLOWER (impressed are you? eh? eh?) which was not yucky.
Then we watched River Monster with Theo. Seriously, how many fishing shows can they come up with? I mean, really.
And that is the story of our awesome evening.


  1. you're kidding! i'd see more movies with scott, then . hehehe.

  2. That's awesome! It's thirteen dollars where I live, nine for children. That's why we have Netflix :)

  3. Drinking a beer in the movie theater is a glorious thing. We pretty much refuse to go to the movies if it's not at the Alamo Drafthouse. Wish you guys were in Austin so we could do that together some time!

    (Just found your blog, by the way. So fun to catch up with what's going on in your lives!)

  4. Jodi, NINE for children?! And that's not doll hairs?!
    Yes, this is by far the best theater to frequent for us.
    Faye, I'm so glad you found me!! How are you feeling, lady?! Wish I could see your belly!

  5. I think 5 bucks sounds just right when you’re going to the movies with kids. I hate paying so much at the theater when I don’t even get to SEE all of the movie. Thank goodness for redbox! I love your area, all the old buildings, I would have a HAY-DAY there taking pictures! Did you like ToyStory3? I hated it! I didn’t like all the mean drama. My daughter actually screamed out and cried when the bear yells at the baby-doll “she never loved you!”, it was a horrible experience for us. It sounds like you at least had a much better time. Good for you!


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