Walter is 12! That's twelve years of being a mama, twelve years of knowing this interesting little boy who is now growing into a man.
Walter and I are very much alike. I think that is why we have struggled with each other so much over the years; that, and my HUGE SIN PATTERNS.
It's always nice to hear from people outside the family that your children are a delight. This is especially true when maybe those children are not always quite such a delight in the home. Ahem.
I must note that in the past week, since picking up the boys from camp, Walter has truly, truly been a delight, both in the home and out. He's been an encourager to his siblings, helpful to his parents, and quite thoughtful.
I really, really like this guy. Happy birthday, my first-born son!

We had a lovely birthday breakfast. Crepes were requested for the second time this week, only this time we made the custard to go with it. Yummy.
There was definitely a baseball theme with the gifts this year.

We ended the day with a picnic of cheeseburgers and corn and IBC rootbeer. Then we played the ninja game. I just learned it tonight.
And cake. Don't forget the cake.
I'm kind of glad the days of making cakes into different shapes are mostly behind me. Man, I used to slave over those cakes when they were little!


  1. I agree Walter is a great guy! Yea! Walter! You are 12.
    I love you much,

  2. how great! way to go YOU for being such an awesome mom! I know the kids and John are SO BLESSED to have YOU to make days like these so specail!


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