Popham Beach

We went to a great beach while in Maine. Popham Beach is past Bath and is part of a state park. To get there, one must drive down this wonderfully twisty curvy road, along a river that ends at the sea.
This is what it looked like just a few miles from the beach: sunny, glorious, a perfect day.

However, as we drove closer to the coast, we realized that we were driving into a cold fog.

It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. We could hear the surf and it sounded quite close. But, especially because the tide was out, we walked and walked, expecting to come to the waves any minute, but instead we were just surrounded by white. Every few minutes the figure of a person might appear and then fade again into the fog as he or she passed. The air was wet with condensed water. It really didn't feel like a beach day at all!
We ate in the fog and Lucy took some pictures. Not bad!

Finally the sun came out and we had a great day exploring and riding some waves. The boys are convinced they were "huge!" but they've never been to southern California. In fact, Walter and Theo were playing the waves for most of the time and didn't make it into many photographs.
Then just as quickly as it had disappeared, the fog rolled back in and we were surrounded by white again!
It was a great day.


  1. ahhhh, that is SO maine! two more weeks and i will be there- thanks for the preview!

  2. We were at a beach near World's End one time and the conditions were just like that. It is really weird! There was actually a couple on the beach getting married!

  3. Hi Kit. My name is Katherine and I'm also called Kit. And my last name is Popham!


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