One week ago today...

...was Independence Day! Isn't this a most lovely picture of the ladies of the family?! I know you might not be able to tell, but I made those hats myself. Yes, I did.
We celebrated by going to the parade in Naples, ME. It was a hot day for Maine, but we cooled off with humongous and drippy ice cream cones from the Dairy Bar.

I thought these girls were so cute in their red, white and blue dresses. Made me wish I had one. Lucy wore her "Forf of Juwy" shirt. Wished I had one of those, too!
The parade was almost everything a small town parade should be...color guard, tractors, old cars, fire engines and water trucks spraying the sweaty crowds. Oh yeah, and a horse-drawn dairy cart.


  1. Oh I love your fourth pictures! ...especially the first one, I love your hats! Thanks for the congrats! We're so excited! ;)


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