July Recap

Wow, July is over! I don't know about you, but this month has been a long one to me. I mean that in a good way.
July started with John in Nashville and our receiving the horrible news of my cousin's death. I'd so much appreciate it if you would say a prayer for my aunt and two cousins today. They need it.
Then my mom and dad arrived and we celebrated my dear old dad's 73rd birthday. He is amazing. I'm so glad for the chance to celebrate together!

The next day, after a flurry of last minute appointments, errands and frantic packing, we left for Maine. We left John at home for he was preaching the next day. He came up Sunday night, July 4th, on the Downeaster.
Monday brought the much-anticipated arrival of Clayton and Robin. There was much rejoicing!
We had a wonderful week in hot Maine (still need to show you a few more pics). The weather was just beautiful and we all seemed to enjoy each other.
The following week we had Mom and Dad to ourselves here in Boston and got in a few fun sight-seeing trips. We also did a whole lot of nothing. My mom did her usual mending and other fix-it type things for us...I need her to visit more often!!
Then we celebrated Clayton's 10th birthday, my mom and dad left, I cried, the kids attended vacation bible school (or Kidsweek) at a church in Boston and I got to see one of my dearest friends everyday that week, we did a lot of hanging with friends and had multiple sleep-overs with various friends and neighbors.
This has been a relatively quiet week (with the exception of our anniversary!), with a few trips to the pool, some great people-watching and a lot of staying at home. The Legos have been in heavy rotation in the boys' room, and I'm so glad. I love to see them playing contentedly for hours with something creative. There's been a lot of reading (post on that coming next week) and, I have to admit, a good amount of playing FIFA 10 on the Wii.
So now comes August. For me and Lucy, school is a little more than four weeks away. The boys have an extra week til they begin.
Late next week, we'll all go to New York City for a night and stay with my brother (all 6 of us!). We want to go see the King Tut exhibit in Times Square and let the kids get a taste of the city.
When we get back from "the" city, the two older boys will be heading off to sleep-away camp for the very first time! They are really nervous and saying they don't want to go. I know they are going to have a blast.
Oh, we also have the conclusion to Summer Birthday Season in late August with Theo and Walter's birthdays. Better start planning now!
I'm getting nervous for school. I attended a workshop yesterday with some colleagues and that got me more excited for all that is to come this year. I've been reading SO much and I've got SO MUCH more to do! Need...more...brain...power!

If you are still reading after all that, I congratulate you and say Happy August!


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