Antiquing in Cornish, Maine

Still catching you all up on our trip to Maine!
One afternoon while Lucy was napping and the boys were all watching World Cup soccer, my mom and Robin and I snuck up the road to Cornish to do some antiquing.
I think each of spent all of about $5 on some little thing or other. And my mom treated Robin and me to ice cream.
It was a great girl outing! Even better with NO KIDS or HUSBANDS to tell us to hurry up. You know what I'm talking about!
I mostly took pictures of things I loved. Nothing beats the quaint little towns in Maine, the towns with old buildings, little squares and home-grown shops. I just love it.
Oh, and I totally want to try to duplicate the pencil art that you'll see below. And I REALLY want the red and white Jenny Lind dream is to have a kitchen big enough for a cozy spot, a spot where a child or two could curl up with a book while I make dinner. Heavenly.


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