15 years ago today John and I took our marriage vows at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

We had a wonderful wedding, thanks to our wonderful parents. In retrospect, there were many stressful things going on in having a wedding where neither of our sets of parents lived.
But for the most part, John and I were blissfully (and probably naively) unaware. We just had a blast. Our parents are really and truly the best.

I've had the best time today looking back over our wedding photos. I still like everything about our wedding...the dress, the music, the people, the flowers.
But most of all I like the person I married! John is such a blessing to me. In honor of our 15th anniversary, I would like to tell you 15 of my FAVORITE things (among many) about my love.

1. He loves me. For some reason, he is still enamored of me and thinks I'm absolutely gorgeous. He even thinks I'm cute when I've just woken up. And even when I'm stinky, he thinks I smell like a daisy. That's love, I tell ya.
2. He is a GREAT whistler. Vibrato and everything!
3. He is an amazing cook. He even LIKES to cook. He is a creative cook. We work well together in the kitchen. Wait, is this one thing I like or is it 4 things I like?!
4. He knows so much about music. He has introduced me to ALL kinds of music I never would have known anything about! In particular, I'm grateful for a deeper knowledge and appreciation for country AND western music (it's part of my heritage).
5. He loves to call people on the phone. People he hasn't spoken to in months he'll just call anytime he thinks of it to say hello. He is a GOOD and extremely LOYAL friend.
6. He makes me laugh.
7. He is affectionate with me and the children. He's the one who taught me that it's impossible to snuggle alone.
8. He pursued me. Through many months, and friends telling him to give up, he did not retreat. He doggedly gave me rides everywhere, bought me countless meals, and just hung out with me. He won me over!
9. He is good friend to my friends.
10. He is tender-hearted, with a sensitive conscience.
11. He communicates the faith so well. He makes things make sense.
12. He is a connector. He loves to get people together.
13. He is an EXTROVERT!! At the end of our wedding reception, as we rode away in the limo, John told me later that he felt kind of sad that we were leaving all our friends behind at the party. Hee hee! If he ever spends too much time alone, he starts to get sad. I am the opposite!
14. He loves my family. He is great friends with my brothers and always counts extended family as his own, no matter how far removed.
15. He encourages me. He wants me to do the things that I'm good at and that I like. He is supremely supportive of me as his wife.

I most certainly DO NOT deserve such a guy. I am so very thankful for how the Lord has blessed our marriage and always helped us. He is faithful! Here's to another 15 years! And then another 15 after that!

Lastly, for your viewing pleasure, some scenes from our wedding weekend, beginning with our rehearsal dinner at the Michael C. Carlos Museum on the campus of Emory University. Enjoy!


  1. What an absolutely fabulous post Kit! I love all the pictures and the 15 reasons you like John. You two are a remarkable couple and I wish you many, MANY more years of happiness.

  2. Aww! Congratulations! You looked so beautiful in your wedding pictures (and you really haven't changed!). Blessings on the next 15! :)

  3. happy anniversary! love the photos -- thanks for sharing!


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