10th Birthday (or: Let Summer Birthday Season Begin)

Clayton turned 10 over the weekend! A whole decade, double digits and all that fun stuff.
The last few years Clayton's birthday has fallen at the tail end of my parents' summer visit. My dad's birthday falls at the beginning of their visit! It's been so fun to be able to celebrate family birthdays with them.
The day started off with crepes before church.

We had a family dinner that night. Clayton's requested menu was popcorn shrimp, grilled squash and grilled fish. And strawberry roll-up cake for dessert. We weren't able to deliver on the popcorn shrimp, but John whipped up a seafood medley courtesy of Trader Joe's.

We also had this. Have you ever seen a root beer keg?!
Clayton opened his presents and blew out the candles. We are so thankful for Clayton's life and his place in our family. He is a blessing and we're glad to celebrate 10 years of loving him!


  1. I love that first photo of Clay. What a handsome ten year old!

  2. he's so BIG. I hope he had an awesome birthday! looks like he did.


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