31 July 2010

July Recap

Wow, July is over! I don't know about you, but this month has been a long one to me. I mean that in a good way.
July started with John in Nashville and our receiving the horrible news of my cousin's death. I'd so much appreciate it if you would say a prayer for my aunt and two cousins today. They need it.
Then my mom and dad arrived and we celebrated my dear old dad's 73rd birthday. He is amazing. I'm so glad for the chance to celebrate together!

The next day, after a flurry of last minute appointments, errands and frantic packing, we left for Maine. We left John at home for he was preaching the next day. He came up Sunday night, July 4th, on the Downeaster.
Monday brought the much-anticipated arrival of Clayton and Robin. There was much rejoicing!
We had a wonderful week in hot Maine (still need to show you a few more pics). The weather was just beautiful and we all seemed to enjoy each other.
The following week we had Mom and Dad to ourselves here in Boston and got in a few fun sight-seeing trips. We also did a whole lot of nothing. My mom did her usual mending and other fix-it type things for us...I need her to visit more often!!
Then we celebrated Clayton's 10th birthday, my mom and dad left, I cried, the kids attended vacation bible school (or Kidsweek) at a church in Boston and I got to see one of my dearest friends everyday that week, we did a lot of hanging with friends and had multiple sleep-overs with various friends and neighbors.
This has been a relatively quiet week (with the exception of our anniversary!), with a few trips to the pool, some great people-watching and a lot of staying at home. The Legos have been in heavy rotation in the boys' room, and I'm so glad. I love to see them playing contentedly for hours with something creative. There's been a lot of reading (post on that coming next week) and, I have to admit, a good amount of playing FIFA 10 on the Wii.
So now comes August. For me and Lucy, school is a little more than four weeks away. The boys have an extra week til they begin.
Late next week, we'll all go to New York City for a night and stay with my brother (all 6 of us!). We want to go see the King Tut exhibit in Times Square and let the kids get a taste of the city.
When we get back from "the" city, the two older boys will be heading off to sleep-away camp for the very first time! They are really nervous and saying they don't want to go. I know they are going to have a blast.
Oh, we also have the conclusion to Summer Birthday Season in late August with Theo and Walter's birthdays. Better start planning now!
I'm getting nervous for school. I attended a workshop yesterday with some colleagues and that got me more excited for all that is to come this year. I've been reading SO much and I've got SO MUCH more to do! Need...more...brain...power!

If you are still reading after all that, I congratulate you and say Happy August!

29 July 2010


15 years ago today John and I took our marriage vows at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

We had a wonderful wedding, thanks to our wonderful parents. In retrospect, there were many stressful things going on in having a wedding where neither of our sets of parents lived.
But for the most part, John and I were blissfully (and probably naively) unaware. We just had a blast. Our parents are really and truly the best.

I've had the best time today looking back over our wedding photos. I still like everything about our wedding...the dress, the music, the people, the flowers.
But most of all I like the person I married! John is such a blessing to me. In honor of our 15th anniversary, I would like to tell you 15 of my FAVORITE things (among many) about my love.

1. He loves me. For some reason, he is still enamored of me and thinks I'm absolutely gorgeous. He even thinks I'm cute when I've just woken up. And even when I'm stinky, he thinks I smell like a daisy. That's love, I tell ya.
2. He is a GREAT whistler. Vibrato and everything!
3. He is an amazing cook. He even LIKES to cook. He is a creative cook. We work well together in the kitchen. Wait, is this one thing I like or is it 4 things I like?!
4. He knows so much about music. He has introduced me to ALL kinds of music I never would have known anything about! In particular, I'm grateful for a deeper knowledge and appreciation for country AND western music (it's part of my heritage).
5. He loves to call people on the phone. People he hasn't spoken to in months he'll just call anytime he thinks of it to say hello. He is a GOOD and extremely LOYAL friend.
6. He makes me laugh.
7. He is affectionate with me and the children. He's the one who taught me that it's impossible to snuggle alone.
8. He pursued me. Through many months, and friends telling him to give up, he did not retreat. He doggedly gave me rides everywhere, bought me countless meals, and just hung out with me. He won me over!
9. He is good friend to my friends.
10. He is tender-hearted, with a sensitive conscience.
11. He communicates the faith so well. He makes things make sense.
12. He is a connector. He loves to get people together.
13. He is an EXTROVERT!! At the end of our wedding reception, as we rode away in the limo, John told me later that he felt kind of sad that we were leaving all our friends behind at the party. Hee hee! If he ever spends too much time alone, he starts to get sad. I am the opposite!
14. He loves my family. He is great friends with my brothers and always counts extended family as his own, no matter how far removed.
15. He encourages me. He wants me to do the things that I'm good at and that I like. He is supremely supportive of me as his wife.

I most certainly DO NOT deserve such a guy. I am so very thankful for how the Lord has blessed our marriage and always helped us. He is faithful! Here's to another 15 years! And then another 15 after that!

Lastly, for your viewing pleasure, some scenes from our wedding weekend, beginning with our rehearsal dinner at the Michael C. Carlos Museum on the campus of Emory University. Enjoy!

28 July 2010

Lucy the Photog

Sometimes in life you just need to change your perspective. Here's the last few weeks from Lucy's point of view.

Note: you'll see that Robin is such a willing subject. She is awesome!

27 July 2010


One of the items on our summer to-do list was to have a shaving cream fight.


26 July 2010

Gift List: July 26 edition

The unthankful heart...discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings! -Henry Ward Beecher

The gratitude list continues as I find more and more reasons to give thanks to the Father, giver of EVERY good gift!

0764 light falling across the bed and the little girl
0765 new cheap throw rugs from Ikea
0766 a fresh paint touch-up; makes it feel so much cleaner!
0767 nighttime talks with Walter
0768 sleeping with windows open and fans on
0769 when you wake up and can tell the humidity has finally broken!
0770 tourists in Boston! It's crawling with them!
0771 taking the T
0772 Theo being able to walk to his friend's house by himself
0773 discovering new parks with water!
0774 discovering new beaches with friends
0775 being with the babies in the nursery!
0776 laughing with the other nursery mom when nine babies are all crying - help!
0777 hearing a compliment about a [sometimes difficult] child
0778 green leaves sparkling
0779 the Frog Pond on Boston Common
0780 taking a walk with my love in a new (to us) part of the city
0781 running into friends on the Common
0782 strong legs, strong body
0783 the height of summer
0784 fresh farm produce - SO much better than the grocery store!
0785 spending most of a week doing life with my friend
0786 praying with other pastors' wives
0787 Mama, Papa, brudders and me! (Lucy)
0788 boys reading books
0789 boys not fighting
0790 all laying on the floor (where it's cooler) and reading aloud
0791 Psalm 20 v. 7 Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord of God.

holy experience

21 July 2010

Antiquing in Cornish, Maine

Still catching you all up on our trip to Maine!
One afternoon while Lucy was napping and the boys were all watching World Cup soccer, my mom and Robin and I snuck up the road to Cornish to do some antiquing.
I think each of spent all of about $5 on some little thing or other. And my mom treated Robin and me to ice cream.
It was a great girl outing! Even better with NO KIDS or HUSBANDS to tell us to hurry up. You know what I'm talking about!
I mostly took pictures of things I loved. Nothing beats the quaint little towns in Maine, the towns with old buildings, little squares and home-grown shops. I just love it.
Oh, and I totally want to try to duplicate the pencil art that you'll see below. And I REALLY want the red and white Jenny Lind settee...my dream is to have a kitchen big enough for a cozy spot, a spot where a child or two could curl up with a book while I make dinner. Heavenly.

20 July 2010

10th Birthday (or: Let Summer Birthday Season Begin)

Clayton turned 10 over the weekend! A whole decade, double digits and all that fun stuff.
The last few years Clayton's birthday has fallen at the tail end of my parents' summer visit. My dad's birthday falls at the beginning of their visit! It's been so fun to be able to celebrate family birthdays with them.
The day started off with crepes before church.

We had a family dinner that night. Clayton's requested menu was popcorn shrimp, grilled squash and grilled fish. And strawberry roll-up cake for dessert. We weren't able to deliver on the popcorn shrimp, but John whipped up a seafood medley courtesy of Trader Joe's.

We also had this. Have you ever seen a root beer keg?!
Clayton opened his presents and blew out the candles. We are so thankful for Clayton's life and his place in our family. He is a blessing and we're glad to celebrate 10 years of loving him!