Weekend agenda

Friday night:
Theo and Clay had baseball games.
I let John and Walter juggle the games while Lucy and I went to iParty and Market Basket for party supplies. Fun times.
Stayed up late getting ready for Saturday's party.

Get up in time to go for a little run.
To church for music rehearsal.
John goes to Costco for more party supplies.
Thankfully, the kids were occupied all day either playing with neighbors or watching World Cup soccer!
Party with Walter's classmates and their families to celebrate their 6th grade graduation.
It was a team effort and very fun to get all these families together. They are a neat bunch of kids and parents!

To church EARLY for music. Find a birthday present for Clayton's friend. Do we have anything in our stash?!?
Juggle singing and trying to finish up the spring semester of Sunday school. Rely on help from friends.
Take Clayton to birthday party in South End.
Pick up Clayton and friend from birthday party.
Two baseball games: Theo and Clayton.
When everyone is in bed, do my grading rubrics for last trimester and print out for Monday morning.

Monday morning: Collapse.


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