This is the day: Counting to 1000

As I do every Monday (sometimes as the hours inch closer to Tuesday...ahem), I'm counting up to 1000 blessing from God!
It's been a fantastic almost two weeks with my parents-in-law in town. They are the best for a multitude of reasons.

0619 lollipops (Clayton)
0620 sunrise
0621 being able to get up in the morning
0622 muddy feet
0623 going barefoot
0624 not a cloud in the sky
0625 teaching Sunday school
0626 prayers answered so tenderly
0627 sunlight shining through leaves - one of my favorite things!
0628 cleaning the kitchen
0629 my Quill pen that Liz gave me; she's right, it is the BEST! And I'm a stickler for a good pen.
0630 two more weeks of making school lunches
0631 shadows
0632 new bikes
0633 being at church
0634 one fish (of three) won at the school fair is still alive! Live, little guy, live!
0635 encouraging the younger women
0636 being encouraged by the older women (like my mother-in-love)
0637 the bond of Christ
0638 completely free, slave to none and also a bondservant, slave to all (or something like that from Martin Luther)
0639 graduation parties filled with adorable teen-agers
0640 Boston in summer; I love this place!
0641 quiche
0642 Facebook - say what you will, I really enjoy the friendly and fun banter with people far away!
0643 the North End
0644 tourists
0645 gelato
0646 Lucy's cupcake purse
0647 this little girl and her zest for life! I love my sidekick.

holy experience


  1. Love the new header. And Boston in the summer. Wish I could visit!

  2. Lovely pictures! I thankful for getting to enjoy those. And such a great list too. Gelato and a cupckae purse carried by a sweet girl. What more do you need? ;)

  3. Lovely list and I love your Lucy pictures, especially. What a cute sidekick you have!


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