There is always time for counting

(gratuitous cuteness, I apologize)

Catching up on a post that was due yesterday...
It's CRAZY busy around here.
Last week of school. Baseball games, gifts to buy, three faculty meetings, making meals, haircuts, making sure people look presentable, Sunday school, birthday treats, writing thank you notes, getting up early and staying up late.
I'm about to be DONE IN!

But there's always a time and a reason for the list, making our way to 1000 blessings, 1000 ways that the Father tells me He loves me. And not just me!

0648 running in the morning
0649 rest in my bed
0650 laughing in community group
0651 tired muscled
0652 new bathing suits
0653 footsteps on the creaking stairs -- who will it be?!
0654 olive oil
0655 parties
0656 making people feel welcome
0657 having a floor to sweep
0658 our little enclosed porch that is like a tree house this time of year!
0659 looking forward to slower summer mornings
0660 having time to stop and stare
0661 being sweaty
0662 boys
0663 dirty baseball uniforms
0664 BOOKS!
0665 time to read
0666 cupcakes for school to celebrate summer birthdays
0667 Lucy and her daddy
0668 this crazy car around town

holy experience


  1. It's a good list - you are indeed loved by Heavenly Father! May your summer bring you much joy!

  2. So glad I get to read this list from afar. I'll be meeting Chrissie this morning! Miss you!!!

  3. I believe that car lives near our house!! Great list.


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