Summer Dinner

Tonight's menu was made up by me! I don't consider myself a creative cook in the least. By God's grace, I am improving (what? it's only taken 15 years of marriage to begin to improve).

Watermelon salad: Fill a bowl with watermelon balls. Slice up some mint leaves and squeeze a lime over it. Done. And it tastes just like summer!

Chicken salad: I set out to make curried chicken salad, but opened the cupboard to discover that the curry powder jar was EMPTY! I also didn't have any grapes, which are so yummy in a chicken salad. Here's what I did.
Fill a bowl with shredded or cubed chicken (I had some in the fridge from a couple of roasters we cooked earlier). In another bowl, whisk together some mayonnaise, plain yogurt, a squirt of honey, some lime juice, toasted walnuts, chopped green onion and dried cranberries. In place of curry, I used something from Penzey's spice called Bangkok blend. Toss with chicken and add salt and pepper to taste.

The bouquet on the table was picked by Lucy today.


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