Random thoughts

I'm in a bit of a funk tonight, so here are some of my random thoughts/occurrences from the day.

1. I got a flat tire today. The worst part is that I was on my way to babysit for my dear friend, Heather, so she could go see her husband become a DOCTOR (as in PhD)! Thankfully she was able to quickly find a replacement babysitter for her dear toddler. I began to change the tire myself (no, I don't know how to do it, but I wasn't going to pay AAA $130 to change a stinkin' tire!) but then a kind stranger pulled up and came to my rescue. Actually, two kind strangers helped me get the spare on. Thanks for taking care of me, God!

2. I can't read in the same room where the TV is on. Is this particular to me, or does this bother anyone else? For example, I would rather read than watch TV most times, but then I have to remove myself from where John is (in the family room with the TV). I wish I could block stuff out more.

3. I just ate way too much frozen yogurt. I'm thinking that was not really worth it.

4. My friend, Sherri, and her adorable month-old son stopped by today unannounced. I love when people just drop by. LOVE IT!! It's good to have that kind of friend.

5. I'm done teaching for the year! Getting ready to start planning for next year. I'm really looking forward to it.

6. Have been enjoying morning prayer so much. The thought that I am doing my best work (see this post) in that time is so freeing to me. It gives me hope.

Good night.


  1. eat two cookies and go to bed, girl :)

    You are a good momma! a good wife! sometimes you have to bag it, and just start over, you know?


  2. If I knew your schedule I would stop by unannounced! :-)

  3. oh, i know what it is--- i forgot what you've been up to! bet you are sad that your sweet lifelong friends have gone. Life back to normal? that's a big letdown to let go of what is so precious, and time moves so stinking fast. Thank HIM for those "mountain tops" and THOSE kind of friends: where it doesn't matter how long or how much time has passed, ...you just pick up where you left off. it leaves a deep ache, b/c it means so much.....
    praying. the photos i've seen on FB are so very precious!!! reminds me of college!

  4. No prob; the sitting worked out fine. So glad to hear you got some Good Samaritan roadside assistance!

    It's hard to read with the tv on. The tv is hypnotic.

    Happy end of the school year; I know that's a good feeling!

    See you soon!!


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