Our posse

Perfect summer day today. Relaxed morning with reading, a run, some chores, breakfast, taking John to the subway.
Then we loaded up for a trip to the North Shore to say good-bye to some dear friends who are leaving the seminary after 6 years. They lived across the hall from us in campus housing while we were there. We enjoyed them so much and are sad to see them leave the area. My friend Kerry will always be famous for her scones; I don't know how she does it, but they are amazing and delicious every single time she makes them!
Then back to the city to meet up with our best buddies.
Meda and I took our posse to see Toy Story 3 this afternoon. Can't beat a matinee that is only $5 per person! I laughed really loudly throughout the whole movie. In fact, Lucy told me to "stop that laughing" but I couldn't.
Then at the end Meda and I both cried and told our kids that they can never ever grow up. The end.
It was a hot muggy day today, but with a good breeze. I love summer, even the heat.


  1. Oh boy, this post made me miss you all!

  2. You're an outstanding blogger, Kit. You convey a real sense of what your life is like with just a few well chosen words and impressive photos.

    Don't tell anyone but TS3 made me VERY misty at the end as well. Next time I see it I'll have to go alone so I don't have to fake having "eyeglass fatigue."


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