Monday count up

It's Monday so I'm updating my list of blessings. I have more contributions from the children this week, as we've all been at home more, sitting at the kitchen table. So grateful for this season and for all the ways He cares.

0692 Lucy's callapitter
0693 neighbor kids over to our house
0694 the secret lives of children
0695 Lucy's grasses for a bouquet
0696 sunlight through sheer curtains
0697 cake in the oven
0698 late afternoon light in the summer
0699 tickling at bedtime
0700 skinny little girl arms
0701 grilling meat
0702 calendars
0703 new oven mitts
0704 hanging laundry on the line
0705 touch-up paint in the dreary back hallway
0706 Park Street School teacher breakfast
0707 my friend, Meda, and our kids together
0708 Bradley and Meda
0709 Lucy's tiny bathing suit

0710 Lucy and Jack (our next door neighbor) playing "family"
0711 lists
0712 good attitudes
0713 watermelon
0714 bike rides!
0715 breeze through the window!
0716 laughing with my children
0717 Walter's hilarious accents; the French one is the best
0718 Park Street School
0719 Tyler and Amanda...what a team
0720 the privilege of being let into someone's life
0721 dishwasher hum
0722 Red Sox on TV
0723 my BED!!!!!!
0724 coffee drinks/blender drinks
The rest of today's list comes from the children. Maybe you can guess who said which one?!
0725 World Cup
0726 Papa and Mama and I love them
0727 summer - NOT school
0728 The Karate Kid movie
0729 the pool
0730 watermelon and lime (the gourmand added this)
0731 Lucy
0732 vanilla
0733 grilled cheese
0734 hats
0735 memory foam
0736 Maine
0737 Texas
0738 Arizona
0739 New Mexico
0740 Massachusetts
0741 bacon (can you guess who?)
0742 the world
0743 nature
0744 the breeze
0745 summer
0746 Mom
0747 the freedom to make up a drink in the blender

holy experience


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