I just dumped out my purse.
What do the contents of my purse say about me?
Here's what I found:
1. two vintage Little People - the girl and the dad
2. one batting glove
3. one white cardigan, size 4T
4. empty band-aid container
5. wallet
6. hand cream
7. a Little League medal
8. a feather
9. a lollipop stick
10. two rubber bracelets
11. yellow bracelet
12. necklace that I bought in 9th grade to wear to a school dance
13. Korean pencil case
14. four different lip glosses
15. two used-up Dunkin' Donuts gift cards
16. my camera
17. several crumpled receipts
18. pad of paper
19. ticket stub from Lucy's ballet recital
20. pen
21. hair band
22. broken key chain
23. a little Altoids tin filled with ibuprofen
24. empty sun glasses case

What's weird in your purse?


  1. purse? what's a purse? i'm still in the big ol diaper bag backpack phase...lots of goodies in there, although it will probably tell you more about my kids than me...

  2. What size purse are you lugging around Kit?! I'm with Jane, mine's a diaper bag too.

  3. Ah yes the diaper bag! We've left that behind, with sadness for having no more babies but gladness for having no more diapers!
    Lisa, it was a pretty big purse...think I need to scale down.

  4. Besides the usual reusable shopping bag, tape measure, pens galore, benadryl (for Derek), and an $11 expense check from work, I also have a wallet, 3 lip glosses, two pairs of sunglasses, sticky notes, an empty blackberry case, and a couple reciepts


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