The Longest Day and 1000 Gifts

Today is the longest day of the year! Hooray for summer and daylight and warmth and greenery and celebration! It was also, as Theo pointed out, "the first day that would have been a school day of summer". Got that?

We continue to count to 1000, making a list of the ways the Father tells us He loves us.

0669 coloring
0670 new markers
0671 food (Theo)
0672 chocolate cake (Theo)
0673 summer vacation (Walter)
0674 no school (Ben Barnes)
0675 freedom (Ben Barnes)
0676 civil rights (Theo)
0677 fathers (Walt and Ben...oh, and me!)
0678 me (Theo) (yes, he is thankful for himself)
0679 grandfathers, great-grandfathers, great-great-grandfathers, etc (Walt and Ben)
0680 coffee mugs
0681 being from Arizona
0682 my mom and dad
0683 our Papa being home from a trip
0684 his trip home to Texas
0685 John's grandparents
0686 70th wedding anniversaries!!!!!!!!!!
0687 Texas Hill Country
0688 lots and lots of cousins
0689 mornings like this:
0690 this guy and this girl:
0691 my porch tree house:

holy experience


  1. I like how you included others in writing your list of blessings.


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