Hawaiian party boy

Theo's two teachers had a birthday party for themselves today for the whole class. One of the teachers lives in walking distance of the school, so they all walked to her house after school and had a luau!
The boys received these hats and the girls got "those flower necklaces". They had little umbrellas in their drinks, and made friendship bracelets to bring home. Theo told me they also played Pin the Flower on the Penguin. I said, "Oh, I've never heard of that version!"
He replied with disdain, "Mom! It was a HAWAIIAN party!"
Oh yes, that explains the penguin.
I also found out that Theo's only homework was to go to the party. Yippee!!
To top off Theo's afternoon, John picked him up from the party and took him on a little date that included a peach milkshake from Chick-fil-a. AND they stopped into Sony Style (a Sony store in the mall) and watched a bit of a movie on the high tech TV.
Does it get any better than THAT?!


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