Haircuts, some crying, and then a lovely afternoon

Today has been so lovely.
I love that I can get up at 6:30 and still have about TWO HOURS before anyone else gets up!
So this morning, I did my best work, worked out, did a bit of laundry and THEN everyone else got up.
First on the agenda was haircuts for two boys. Two boys who did not want their lovely locks shorn.
However, off we went to Fast Phil's (or, as Lucy calls it, Faster Phil's) for the $10 haircuts.
Walter went first, and though he was none too happy with me when I asked Phil to take a little more off the back, he made it through somewhat cheerfully.
Theo, on the other hand, with his thick locks now lying in piles on the dirty floor of Faster Phil's, exited the building and burst into strong and furious crying. You would have thought his life was ruined.
He cried hard all the way to the library (stop #2). His crying was such that Walter whispered to me, "I can't believe you can keep your patience with this." Score one for God and for me having done my best work earlier in the day.
I promised him Quiznos if he would stop crying. He whimpered, "Okay" and continued to cry.
Walter was especially encouraging to him and though I do not have an older brother, I imagine that there is nothing so wonderful in a younger brother's life than to have your oldest brother walk with his arm around your shoulders and pat you on the back and try to make you feel better. Score another one for God.
We spent a good long while in the library (Theo with his hat on), a place we have not been in a long while but somewhere I plan to frequent much this summer.
Then we walked across the street and got the promised sandwiches from Quiznos, walked back to the library grounds and settled ourselves under a shady tree, near a beautiful fountain and sculpture by Cyrus E. Dallin, our town's own artist.
We all read our library books and ate our sandwiches and Lucy flitted about in the shallow fountain. I look forward to more such afternoons in the weeks to come!


  1. Wow. You are super mom... that's inspiring. I love the sibling love. How precious.


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