6th grade

Last night Walter graduated from the 6th grade at his school; he is part of the school's third graduating class. This year is also the school's 10th anniversary!
It was a touching and sweet ceremony. Their teacher said a few words about each student (there are only 8 of them), the 4th and 5th grade choir sang and there was a wonderful speaker, a pastor from a church in Roxbury who exhorted the young people to think about ways that they might be used of the Lord to be answers to prayer.
Tomorrow is Walter's last day at this school, the one that rescued him from a VERY trying and demoralizing 3rd grade year in our neighborhood school.
I will never forget his first day at this school. I had been praying for him all day, as he was once again "the new kid" and had to find his way in a whole new setting.
As I approached him on the sidewalk at pick-up, I asked, "How was your day?"
"Great," he said softly. "Mom, can I go here next year, too?" His sense of relief was so great that he was already hoping he could stay in this place the next year! His comment wrenched my heart, and at the same time filled me with relief that he felt he was finally in a safe and encouraging place.
He wants to ride the T to school one last time, so tomorrow I will load all of up to ride the bus and the T for his last day!

We are so proud of you, Walter! You and your friends are a special group of kids and we're so thankful that you've had these last three years to grow and learn with them!
Mac and Timmy, 4th grade little brothers

Clayton and his friends in the choir. They are so cute.

This is Benjamin, Walter's best friend since they were two years old. SO glad they had these last three years to be in the same class!

Elizabeth, Ben, Pelumi and Walter
Finn (friend from last year), Walter, and Senorita Darrell, aka Big Meghann. She's known Walter since he was a baby in a crib!


  1. Congratulations, Walter! Where is Walter going next year, Kit?

  2. These picts made me laugh. I wish you could've photoshopped my head out of the first one. The story attached is a really moving one....I really teared up when they graduated. They are a motley crew!


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