When you decide to be thankful

Back when I decided to keep a list of the things for which I am thankful, I had no idea how doing so would change my perspective. I NEED to keep a list. It reminds of all that God is, what He has done and how He tenderly cares.

Here is this week's selection from The List:

#0520 - 0536

0520 notebooks
0521 new encouraging books to read
0522 God peeling back the layers of unbelief in my heart
0523 finally acting on something that God has been prompting me to do for someone else; stepping out in faith
0524 God using my words to encourage a fellow teacher and pastor's wife
0525 my love is home - and beardy!
0526 more people signed up for women's retreat
0527 Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine; it's been REALLY helping my meal planning!
0528 1 Peter sermon series
0529 the feeling of clean sheets
0530 Marine Week Boston - gratitude for our troops who serve us and our country VOLUNTARILY
0531 renewed energy for prayer
0532 seeing small prayers answered this week for people near and far
0533 looking forward to how God will work in us on the women's retreat
0534 sun peeking up between the tree branches
0535 early morning coffee by myself
0536 oh how I love use exclamation marks

If you go over to Holy Experience, you can read many many other lists. Be encouraged!

holy experience


  1. I LOVE you list and I love EXCLAMATIONS marks too!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Glad you were an early bird. Sometimes it is several days before I get back to check out other members of the community and I needed to read your list today. Where is your women's retreat? If you wish to share the info privately I can be reached at mbonner1021 at yahoo.com...thanks.

  2. I *heart* morning coffee alone and exclamation points too!!!!!

    Kit, I am thankful for you and for how God is using the discipline of being thankful to change you. (And I totally dig that you're posting so often!)

  3. So that's what's wrong with me...leaking brain cells. :) My memory does seem to go more and more with each child.

    Notebooks? How could I have forgotten that one. I LOVE them and find it hard to pass up a pretty one. Thanks for reminding me how grateful I am for these bundles of paper.

  4. God peeling back the layers of unbelief... this one truly speaks to me.

    may your week be truly blessed!

  5. Love the list, Kit! And the new header! : )

  6. I always love and appreciate your lists... blessings and hope you had a lovely Mother's Day! You're a great mom. :)

  7. Thank you for the comments, friends! I'm grateful to share these lists of gratitude with you all!


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