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The grandparents are in town!!! Yippee!!! I am one of the MOST fortunate of women in that I love my parents-in-law and am so thankful for them.

They have arrived in their WICKED AWESOME RV and are taking the kids to Cape Cod in the morning. John and I are going to have a couple of nights to ourselves! I just don't know WHAT we'll do...

So the kids' weekend is starting now, and my weekend will begin tomorrow after my classes. I'm coordinating a wedding for some friends at church this weekend, so I'm hoping all goes smoothly.

I can feel the summer comin' on...
last summer at the rodeo in Taos


  1. Have fun with your boyfriend! :)

    RVs are cool; I'm sure the kids will have a blast. I'm enjoying your early summer enthusiasm!!!

  2. You know, I love my in-laws too! What a coincidence :)


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