Second honeymoon

So John and I are on this second honeymoon. Only we're staying at home and all our kids are gone. It is so WEIRD. Weird, I tell you.

Yesterday, after I finished teaching, we went for a long walk around Fresh Pond. That's something we've NEVER done, if you can believe it. Talked about it, said we should do that...but never ACTUALLY did it. But now we have. So awesome and here are some pictures to prove it. There were birds and flowers and dogs and people watching galore.

Then we went to a movie. Iron Man 2. Not that great. But who cares, it was a movie. We got a REALLY GOOD DEAL on a big drink and bag of popcorn. Not. But we did sneak in our own Junior Mints, Sour Patch Kids, and dark chocolate M and Ms. So maybe it all evens out. Maybe.

Today, we watched Friday Night Lights on the DVR after we woke up. Then we ALMOST went on a bike ride. But my bike tire popped while we were pumping it up. Glad that happened at home and not 10 miles down the road. I was SO disappointed, I was ready to go buy a new bike just so I could go on a bike ride. Instead, we took three of our family's bikes to get tune-ups, bought a new bike for SOMEONE in the family (no, it's not me). Then we came home, got dressed up, went to a wedding rehearsal, had a fun time laughing with friends, went out for cocktails and now we're home. AND NO ONE else is here. EXCEPT FOR ME AND JOHN. It's so weird.


  1. OK, tell me... what is that like???? i am drooling.

  2. fun! enjoy the rest of your time together...alone! :) I love that picture of your feet.

  3. Happy honeymoon! Times like this are a special gift, aren't they?

  4. Josefina ArgüelloJuly 26, 2010 2:36 AM

    How lovely second honeymoon. My husband and I just got back last month from my second honeymoon to Mexico and have not been this relaxed since I was a teenager (trust me, that was loooong ago.)


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